Inauguration of the Advanced Gravure Cylinder Line with the presence of the German Minister

On November 13, a ceremony was held at the Iran Zamin Aluminum Industrial Printing Company located in Hashtgerd Industrial Parkon the occasion of installation of the first series of advanced equipment of ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company cylinder manufacturing. The Economy Minister of the State of Hamburg, Germany, Reinhard Meyer, managers from Hell, Daetwyler, and Ohio Companies and their Iranian representatives participated in the ceremony. Among other participators were the authorities of Alborz Industry and Guidance Offices.

In this ceremony, the Economy Minister of the State of Hamburg who has inclusively traveled to Iran for the sake of this ceremony stated that: I realized that Iran Zamin is a family company which can be regarded as a positive point; we also, have many successful companies in Germany which are founded on a family basis and do their activities. The fact that the sanctions are removed and we can enter a new era makes me delighted because we can have more cooperation with Iran in different fields of industry and commerce.

iranpack-sanat-bastebandi-172-rainhard-mayer1 iranpack-sanat-bastebandi-172-germany

Soheil Golestanian continued by introducing a brief biography of Iran Zamin Printing Complex in German language for the minister and other German guests. Likewise, Reza Norouzi, the chief editor of Packaging Industry Magazine, as one of the speakers of this ceremony, appreciated the 150 years of services done by Golestanian dynasty for the country’s printing industry especially the effectual role of Mehdi Golestanian in packaging printing and declared that: an implication of the presence of the  Economy Minister of the State of Hamburg, Germany, is that real and effectual interaction with the developed countries is caused by the direct engagement of main parties, i.e., the beneficiary companies in the work. In fact the negotiations of the governmental authorities does not play a key role in enforcement of commercial relationships, rather it is the direct relationship of the sellers and purchasers which accelerates the improvement of relations and prevents the wastage of positive energies available for the fulfilment of relations. It is indicated by the presence of a German supreme authority, German media, and senior managers of seller companies in this ceremony. It is said that, the purchased equipment is the first technological imported cargo in printing industry to Iran after the sanctions. The devices displayed in this ceremony were a part of the equipment relevant to the operations before Gravure Printing including advanced devices of cylinder engraving which plays a crucial role in increasing the quality of this printing. Mainly Gravure Printing is among the most important methods of printing packaging wrappers. These devices were purchased by ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company for use in this company.

iranpack-sanat-bastebandi-172-reza-nouraei iranpack-sanat-bastebandi-172-rainhard-mayer

In the same vein, Mehrshad Golestanian, the managing director of ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company, in his discussion with Industrial Packaging Magazine said that: I am really delighted for being the first company that managed to purchase machineries after the sanctions and import them. I think that, with the precision that these machines possess, we can greatly improve the printing quality of the country and decrease the common operational errors of the system, furthermore, we can create a new market for exports to neighboring countries.

It is worth mentioning that the Iran Zamin Printing Complex was founded by Mehdi Golestanian about 50 years ago and currently has Iran Zamin Aluminum Industrial Printing Group, ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company, Novin Plastic Company, and Termocolor Company as its subset companies.

ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company inclusively presents Gravure Printing Cylinder manufacturing services to the Iran Zamin Printing Company and other Printing centers in the country.

It is worth mentioning that a report on this subject will be issued in Packaging Industry Monthly Magazine No. 172.