Iran Zamin Company in 1975 with the management of Mehdi Golestanian

Iran Zamin Company was established under the management of Mr. Mehdi Golestanian. Iran Zamin Industrial Group is operating in a space of about 44,000 square meters consisting of several companies as a manufacturing complex. There are about 400 people in the office and manufacturing sectors in this complex.

Iran Zamin Company Complex includes the following companies:

  • Iran Zamin Printing Company
  • (Termocolor Company) manufacturing all types of printing inks
  • (Novin Plastic Company) printing and manufacturing all kinds of specialized aluminum coatings
  • (Naghshe Mehr Company) manufacturing digital cylinder
  • (Dian Tejarat Companies) imports and exports of chemical raw materials
  • (NovinPakat Company) three-way sewed envelopes, vacuum, stand-up and cape zippers

For the activities of these companies, many years ago we received the necessary permissions from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and based on these permissions, we began the activity in this complex, built the constructions, and we hired human forces. We did not receive any help from any organization and institution in the course of our progress, and all this was done with the efforts of Hajj Golestanian, colleagues and the family of the Golestanian.  It is impossible to do such work without the support of colleagues. We have continued to work without any support from the ministers, governors, and…; we have never been tired. I am concerned about the future of the children of the country.We are not tired, but how about the children of this country?Our perspective has been based on production, which is equivalent to 12 to 13 percent; but will the children today be satisfied with such a benefit rate?!Do you think the young people will invest on production or will they invest on mediation, brokerage, and buying and selling currency and …?!  We should have a look towards the future of our nation.Devoted leadership is needed to address the concerns. There are people like Mr. Golestanian who offer some recommendations in investment. At the moment, the investor needs the restraining rules to be eliminated, hence devoting planning is required. If this does not happen, the young forces of the country will not think about investing and gradually the country’s production will become frail. Decreasing production will help the foreign investors to import manufactured goods into our country, and the production sector will become completely unemployed. As we can see, this is happening in all industrial sectors of our country. The approval of Hashtgerd industrial Park is a good promise because it has eliminated a series of cumbersome rules.

All companies in Iran Zamin Complex are serving the country’s packaging industry, and as Hajj Golestanian said that no goods can be produced without packaging. I hope this industry receives increasing attention. Mehrshad Golestanian, the managing director of ZibaNaghshe Mehr, explained the activities of the company and the processes involved in manufacturing of the printing cylinders and stated that: we blame the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for the fact that there were no occupation as cylinder manufacturing in the organization andfor establishing this company we received the lithographylicense. Lithography is an industrythat requires little space and cost for activity while the Rutugraur cylinder manufacturing line needs more than a few million dollars. It is very unfortunate that there was not even a name from the industry at the Ministry of Islamic Culture, but with great difficulty, we introduced the name of the cylinder manufacturing to the Ministry of Guidance. It is very uncomfortable for us that the custodians of this industry do not have enough knowledge about it. Another important point is that the Heliogravure printing has remained unknown in our country. We referred to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to obtain a license for such a printing center, which issued our license, Silk Screen; likewise, there was also no header in the Ministry of Guidance, while the Rotogravure printing industry with many years of experience is among the main pillars of printing. All those included in this industry are apprehensive about this issue. We hope that the knowledge of managers is increased and they gain a supportive look toward this industry by the means of programs such as the present ceremony.

In the free zones, the establishment and exploitation licenses are easily and simply granted to the foreign companies which in turn challenge us by attracting cheaper workers and cheaper final price. These companies have taken most of their crew members from foreign countries and have reduced the chances of entrepreneurship for talented job seeker forces. They import their raw materials with the lowest prices and minimumtaxes, and receive special exemptions for the export. I could not understand the benefits of this issue for my country, except that it caused an unreasonable competition that would imposeirreparable damages upon the domestic producers. Visitors then visited different parts of the IranZaminComplex, and the company executives provided explanationsabout their companies’ activities.