ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company under the management of Mehrshad Golestanian, one of the first manufacturing companies

ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company under the management of Mehrshad Golestanian is one of the first manufacturing companies of printing cylinders in Iran. It is also active in the field of advanced printing and industry. This company is one of the most important subsets of Iran Zamin Industrial Complex which was founded almost 50 years ago by Mehdi Golestanian and currently has Iran Zamin Aluminum Industrial Printing Group, ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company, Novin Plastic Company, and Termocolor Company as its subset companies. On November 13 of 2016, Iran Zamin Industrial Complex hosted a ceremony which was accompanied by a supreme board of managers Ministry of Economy, Labor, and Technology of Hamburg State in Germany, supreme Mr. Reinhard Meyer in the industries of private sector in Hamburg State and a group of reporters from German media. In the board accompanying this minister, Hell Graphic, Daetwyler Graphic, senior managers of reputed companies in the field of modern printing, and Fta were present.

Moreover, the authorities of Alborz Industry and Guidance Offices, managers of Cooperative, Labor, and Social Welfare Offices of Hashtgerd and Savojbolagh regions, and a group of well-known professors and experts of the country in the field of printing and packaging were among the participants of the ceremony who presented speech. ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company purchased these pieces of equipment for use in the company, providing advanced services to other printing centers, and exports to neighboring countries and region. In the same vein, Mehrshad Golestanian, the managing director of ZibaNaghshe Mehr Company, declared to the audiences that: we are delighted for being the first company that managed to purchase and install the developed and vital equipment required in the industry of packaging after the removal of sanctions; we hope to see an outstanding growth in quality of the country’s printing products due to the precision of these devices. Moreover, we hope to play our part in this field by enhancing the quality of packaging of different products especially the country’s exported goods. He continued: according to the conducted investigations and pathology and the estimations of our experts, we expect that this measure will remove the numerous operative problems and the operational errors common to the existing systems to a great extent. He emphasized that now in addition to satisfying the specialized needs of Heliogravure printing industry in Iran, we can create new markets for exports in the specialized fields relevant to the neighboring countries and the region. The minister of Hamburg State in Germany who declared his satisfaction with this ceremony, in his speech, in addition to appreciating the event, stated that: I realized that Iran Zamin is a family company which can be regarded as a positive point; we also, have many successful companies in Germany which are founded on a family basis and many generations of one family are working and in this way transfer their experiences to the following generations.