For everything from liquid milk products, yogurt and ice-cream to soft, processed and natural cheese, Iranzamin delivers high performance solutions in flexible and rigid packaging that add real value to your product by optimizing its protection, freshness and shelf-appeal. Some of the products we provide for this market are:

Flexible films

A peal-able and seal-able film keeps contents fresh and appetizing for longer, protecting the content from drying out. The film can be processed on standard machines with perfect sealing properties even through contaminated seal surfaces and it can be printed up-to 10 colors.

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Aluminum lids 

Iranzamin’s lidding division provides the best solution for all kinds of dairy products such as yogurt, ice-cream, spread cheese and any kind of dairy that are contained in any type of pot (PP,PS).

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Bags & pouches

Three layer vacuum pouches with or without zipper is a solution that you can find in Iranzamin for optimizing your products shelf life and durability.

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