Iranzamin is able to provide the best solution for any kind of dry or fresh food packaging. With capabilities such as 10 color printing, cold seal system, multi-layer lamination and many more, you can rest easily and we make sure your product stands out in the shelf and keeps your goods fresh. Some of the services for this market are mentioned below.


Providing the best quality stand-up zipper, side gusset or box pouches, Iranzamin is able to cover a wide range of products. For more information please visit our pouch website

Roll supplies

Depending on your filling machine, Iranzamin offers a wide variety of flexible materials to pack your product.

  Can food lidding

Preservative food market has grown in many aspects. One of these aspects is substituting metal cans by aluminum plates which saves a lot more space and also has an impact on costs. Iranzamin is a part of this revolution by producing aluminum lids for can foods with equivalent shelf-life. For more information visit our lidding website

Retort pouches

Food on the go has found its place in the market. People prepare less fresh food and use more ready meals. Contributing to this need, Iranzamin is the first Iranian factory to supply retort pouches with custom prints. For more information visit our pouch website