Helio and flexo printing
Solvent and solventless laminate

CPP production of raw film

Extrusion up to 5 layers

For specific consumption of packaging of Legumes, pasta, liquids, powder and granular products and automotive industries

Design and pre-printing services

Design from the ground up, photography, edit, modify and preparation of files for printing on rotogravure and flexographic devices

Cylinder and laser stencil

Manufacture of printing cylinders up to 2.5 meters length for: Printing, packaging, tablecloths and artificial leather, MDF, and etc.

Manufacture of various types of cylinder metal body

Manufacture of gelatin stereotype for flex printing

Ink production


Various types of solvent based printing Inks production for flexo machine and heliogravure of prepared solvents, various types of varnishes, primer lacquer, overprint Lacquer, Anti-scratch Lacquer, and Matte Lacquer

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